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The following is the story of Angel, written by
the woman who adopted her from Tundra
Spirits, (Donna Pikul) and who  gave her the
best home any pup could ever ask for.
Donna and her husband Roger became
forever a part of the Tundra Spirits Family.

The Story of Angel..........by Donna Pikul

"I'm starting off by saying my love affair with
huskies began back in the very early 1970's,
when my sister brought home a little black &
white puppy and named her Angel.  She was
bred and had 3 blond pups which we kept.  
They all lived to be 16 & 17 yrs. old."

"In late October 2006, we unexpectedly lost
our Sasha, a husky/collie mix.  We were
devastated, I have never felt such
heartache!  So late in December of that year,  
I started to look for another dog.

I  wanted a rescue.  No puppy.  I wanted
another pure husky, as I was thinking, this
was going to be our last dog.  I was looking
on www.Petfinder.com and
found our Angel!  
She spoke to me, it was love at first sight!!!!  
Sasha  had a hand in all this, I'm sure of it.
She knew Angel and I needed each other!"

" I applied to Tundra Spirits. After a long
process, she finally became ours. I can still
remember. It was on a Tuesday.
April 3rd, 2007!

That first morning when I went to open the
crate, I thought I was going to lose my
fingers!!  Roger, my husband,  had no
problem opening it, but she wasn't
going to let me!

A cookie in the back of the crate worked
wonders!  While she ate, I opened the door!  
She was fine once the crate was open!

Ron, the President of Tundra Spirits,  came
for a visit about 4 weeks later.  He was sitting
at the table, Angel walked up to him &
reached her face up towards his.  He bent
down and said " what's up Honey"

"Angel gave him little love bites on his chin &
licked it.  He cried and said "if I had any
doubts about this being the right home,
they're gone!  She just said "Thank You"
As it turns out, Angel had not been
a kisser before this.

Another time when Ron was visiting, he & my
husband, Roger, were going downtown.
Roger started walking through  the house &
Angel started her "happy dance" and ran
ahead of him.  Ron asked "what's up with
her"?  I said "she's helping Roger get his hat
& saying she's ready to go!

Ron got such a kick out of that!
She settled in so well and knew she was


"We started to take her to Tundra events.  
We did Snow Dogs, and  then Petapalooza.
Angel made herself the official greeter!  
She would  sit out front, so proudly. She
was very social, loved people
and especially children!  

We never let her forget Ron.  We always
talked about him to her.  One day while I
was burning sage,she was running around,
outside & then inside, back and forth, as if
she was looking for someone!  Well.... she
was.  She was looking for Ron!  She
associated the sage with him! She was so
smart!  She always knew it was him,
when he drove into the yard!"
"It wasn't always fun times. She was
attacked by a rottweiler.  That dog almost
killed her.  It was the worst 3 weeks of my
life!  She tore her ACL. We had that tended
to and had it fixed.  She was so good.  She
let Roger do hot packs and the needed
therapy on her.  
Another time, I came home to find all my
plants scattered around the living room, and
yet another time an end table was moved,
turned sideways and tipped over!

We had to put up 6' chain link fence
around our wood stove to prevent her
from leaning on it."
"Towards the end she would "sundown".  
The Sundowner's Disease where wandering
at night becomes the norm.  We would take
turns "sleeping" downstairs with her.  We
didn't get much sleep because she would
roam  all night!

We lost her on May 7th, 2017, just 10
years after having her come live with us.  I
felt I had come full circle.  I started with an
Angel and was ending with an Angel!  I will
always love her and the dear friends she
brought into our lives.  I will always miss her
too!  She came to us as a tough little girl
and left us a Princess!"

"Of course with that being said,
Angel was a joy.  We, as a family, had so
many fun times and experiences together,
and learned so much from her.

We LOVED her so.

She was our "Wooller Bear"

Tundra Spirits wishes to Thank Donna and
Roger Pikul, two of the most amazing people
we know,  for the love, patience, amazing care,
and just the most wonderful life that they gave
to Angel by including her in their family.  It is a
life she would not have had without them.
Sasha and Angel
Forever in
our hearts