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Say Hello to Miss Shilo Dog of the Month, December 2019
This is Shilo.  She is 7 weeks old.  She has been such a God
send to us.  Our boy Kobuk passed away 6 months ago, and we
have been so very sad and thought we could never have
another dog again.  I was out for a walk, "alone" one night, and
came across a woman walking with a husky. She asked me in
for coffee.   She told me her dog had just had a litter, and would I
care to have one.  She was giving them FREE to a good home.  I
initially said no, but this little girl came and leaned up against my
foot and stayed.  She chose ME.  She was 6 weeks then. I kept
visiting during that week.  I took her home the next week.  She is
such a LOVE BUG and just so sweet.  We LOVE HER.
I think my Kobuk sent her to me from Heaven!

Sandra and Robert K.
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