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Treating Canine Cancer

A new vaccine, tests, and Web site are helping to fight canine cancer. Cancer
effects a third of the canine population - and a cancer diagnosis for a pet that's
considered part of the family can be devastating. Recent advances are helping
dogs live longer.

One advance is Oncept, a therapeutic vaccine that extends the lifespan of dogs
diagnosed with stage II and stage III oral canine melanoma. Approved earlier this
year by the US Dept of Agriculture, the vaccine was developed through a
partnership between Merial and Memorial-Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
The common and often fatal form of canine cancer starts in the mouth.

10 Cancer Warning Signs:
1. Lumps and bumps
2. Abnormal odors
3. Abnormal discharges.
4. Wounds that won't heal.
5. Weight loss.
6. Change in appetite.
7. Coughing or difficulty breathing.
8. Lethargy and depression.
9. Changes in bathroom habits.
10. Evidence of pain.

Dog Mouth Myths  
Nearly one half of pet owners believe the myths that dogs' mouths are cleaner
than humans' mouths and that any type of chewing is good for a dog's teeth,
according to a study commissioned by the Greenies Brand.
The study also found that almost 40 percent of owners think it is normal for pets
to have stinky breath, and about one-third believe that a dog's saliva can help
cure human wounds, both of which are also myths, according to Jan Bellows,
DVM incoming president of the American Veterinary Dental College.
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