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Dear Zoe,

I am luckier than I will ever know. You see, I was fortunate enough to not only call you a
friend, but to live with my “once in a lifetime dog”.

I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to write you this letter. Believe me when I say that I think
about you. Every. Single. Day. Some days are easier than others, especially when I
reminisce about the pure joy and happiness that you provided.

You came into my life as a lanky, energetic, and supremely confident eighteen month old
red/white Siberian Husky. You fit in with your new pack member, Parker, almost
immediately. Little did I realize at that time, the kind of impact you would have upon my life.

We found each other through the
kindness, generosity, and huge heart
of Ron McEckron, founder of Tundra
Spirits Siberian Husky Rescue.

Although I was somewhat frustrated
with the lengthy vetting process, Ron
insisted that nothing but the “perfect
match” would suffice. Not just for me,
but more importantly, for you. I put all  
my faith and trust in Ron, and he
rewarded US with this  match made in

After you were diagnosed with
idiopathic epilepsy, we tried
everything, and I mean everything to
get control of your seizures: traditional
Western approaches (pheno, keppra,
gabapentin, potassium bromide);
Eastern medicine techniques (reiki,
acupuncture, Chinese herbs); raw
food diet; grain free diet; CBD oil; and
in emergency situations, rectal Valium.

We consulted with all of the top
neurologists in the Northeast, and
even as far away as Canada and
Great Britain.

Our dear, best friend, Ron, picked you
up from the vets office and prepared
you for your next journey by grooming
and bathing you. He also provided a
medicine bundle for your voyage to the
Rainbow Bridge. I will NEVER forget what
Ron did for US.....
A letter to Sweet Zoe from her Dad
You were a world class athlete who
could run like the wind. Your ball
chasing abilities would make Derek
Jeter blush. And even Michael Phelps
was jealous of your swimming strokes.
You had a mischievous side as well
that was on display when you
decided to rearrange the armrest
of a brand new Stickley couch.

I had to laugh when 2 days later
you did the exact same thing to the
opposite side. I suppose you
preferred symmetry.
During your quiet moments,
you loved to relax and were
incredibly generous with your
kisses and cuddling.
You were brave and courageous
through every step of this awful
journey—-even with shaved legs and
surgical tubing/IVs sticking out of your

We were both scared, but at least we
had each other. At one point, you
actually went 8 full months without
having a seizure. Life was good again.
Our lives had returned to normalcy. Or
so we thought.....

My sweet Zoe, you departed this world and went off to doggie heaven at the tender age
of 9. You fought mightily against the monster that is epilepsy. You never quit and battled
with dignity until the very end, that fateful morning of December 6, 2018. I relive your final
hours on a daily basis and would have done anything to change the outcome and relieve
your pain and suffering.
Zoe and Ron, you taught me so many important life lessons: courage, advocating for
others, true love, devotion, dedication, challenging the status quo, and always doing the
right thing, even when no one is watching. Always..... You have enriched the lives of those
around you and have left this world a much better place.

I Love You Zoe. I Love You Ron. And I miss you both tremendously. Until we meet again.....

Little did I know that exactly 16 days
later, on December 22, 2018, our best
friend and big brother, Ronald B.
McEckron, would be joining you on a
journey to the next life. Life is full of
pain. And sorrow. And unimaginable
Love, Dad / Mike
Zoe and Parker