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Ronald McEckron
Founder / President
Health News
Besides being a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran, and a Policeman for many
years until he retired, Ron tirelessly and enthusiastically showed his love of the
husky breed by spending many years educating the public through seminars, first
aid classes, community events, dog safety programs, school  appearances, and  
scooter and cart presentations,  private and free training session with anyone
who would ask, and always, with his huskies by his side.

He  took in many abandoned and terminally ill dogs that no one wanted, and
immediately saw to their intensive care, making sure that everything  possible
was done for that dog and always using his own finances.  He also assisted
members of Tundra Spirits and folks that had adopted dogs from his rescue in
any way he could. If he saw someone in true need of care for
their dog, husky or not, he would offer his help.

Ron would spend hours pouring over all new and updated  information
concerning all dogs, all diseases, training, new procedures, cures, medicines,
nutritional information and anything that would make the life of a husky, or any
dog, for that matter, better. He was a wealth of knowledge and had a love for
sharing what he knew with anyone interested in learning.  

His website, www.tundraspirits.com always informed the public of all the
events that were being offered, appearances that he made with his huskies,
the huskies that were available for adoption, as well as
all kinds of updated news pertaining to the husky breed.

Mark Twain once said, The two most important days of your life are the day
you are born, and the day you find out why.

For Ron, as a youngster, that day was
Thursday, September 29th, 1955.
That was the  first airing of Sgt. Preston of the Yukon with his
wonderful Alaskan breed dog, Yukon King, which  was telecast on CBS.

From that moment on, Ron knew what he wanted out of life.
His chosen military and law enforcement career as well as his
dedication to his dogs and to his rescue he founded
proved Mr. Twain's statement to be true.

His, Tundra Spirit's,  motto "Pulling for a brighter Day" was
something he did every single day of his life. His love and passion
for the husky breed has helped countless animals
and their people.  This great and undying passion of his to
share his knowledge and love for the husky breed is unsurpassed.
He truly did look out for the weak and the innocent, and was there
for those for whom all hope appeared to be lost.
The Husky
Notable Huskies
Ron, and his Original Crew:
Aniuk, Harmony, and Dawson
For Three consecutive years, his huskies, pulling a sleigh
carrying a Tundra Spirits member with Ron leading the pack, was
featured in the Schenectady Christmas Parade.  
One of many appearance made by the Tundra Spirits Crew.
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Lost Pets
Book Club
Ron and Dawson
It is with great sadness that we must say goodbye to our Founder, our
President, our Mentor, and our great friend, Ron McEckron.
We miss you so......
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Just a few of the 100's of wonderful events Ron hosted
to educate people, especially children.
First Aid
Husky Of the Month
Ron's Dogs - coming soon
Ron and Teeka
Ron and Smokey
Ron and Dawson
Blessed is the person who has
earned the love of an old dog
Mitakuye Oyasin
Tanyan mani yo
Aka Nitawa icimani
Tanka Akicita, Ron!
Two of Ron's favorites...Having Coffee with good friends whom he met
through Tundra Spirits that have adopted one of his rescues, Angel AKA
Cinnabuns, and getting to see her wonderful progress
Another one of Ron's passions...together,
buying, planning and working on that Porsche
with his great friend Mike.
Ron and Dakota
One of his first Rescues
Schenectady Christmas Parade