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Emergency Numbers

Print this page and fill out your local numbers to keep
it as a resource in the case of an emergency. Have in a safe easily
accessible place.  (Refrigerator)

Local Emergency Numbers

My Veterinarian:______________________________

My Local Veterinary Emergency Clinic: __________________________

Poison Centers

When you call, they will want to know the age, breed, sex, and weight of your pet
as well as what he ate, how much, and when he ate it. If possible, it is important to
have the package label from the poison available during the call.

ASPCA National Animal Poison Center - there is a $ 65.00 charge per case that
allows as many follow -ups as necessary.

Phone:  (1-888-426-4435)
Credit card: VISA, MC, Discover, or American Express
1-888-299-2973 – for Follow-up calls
ASPCA Animal Poison Control  

Lost Pet Recovery Services

Call your local police and Animal Control,  local shelters, emergency clinics,
humane societies, and any service that provides identification for your pet.

Your Local Police #:___________________________

Your Animal Control / Dog Warden #: ________________________

Local Shelters #:__________________________________

Local Shelter #________________________________________

Immediately place flyers in all areas with your phone numbers

You can also place a notice on
Steve Caporizzo's Pet Connection
on Facebook.  Also, look on Facebook for other local sites to post your lost pet.

Keep track of all sightings on a map

If you have several sitings in a close area, cook bacon, liver, etc. on a hibachi.
Leave the bacon, dog food, etc there and sprinkle ground with flour to see
what tracks are left.

If you believe it is your dog, the Animal control officers will allow you to borrow
their Have - a - Heart Trap.  Tie a piece of good meat to the back of the trap.
Check the trap often, especially in winter /  ask someone in the area to watch it.

National Dog Registry. 800-NDR-DOGS
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