In order to ensure that the best possible match between humans and canines is made, Tundra Spirits has developed a procedure to expedite the adoption process. We strive to match the lifestyles, personalities and

environment of both dog and human based on information supplied by the potential adopters in applications and interviews. Our experience with Siberian Huskies and canine behavior affords us the opportunity to evaluate the rescue dogs' personality. Please help us to get your new friendship with a Spirit Sibe off to a lifetime start by reading our procedures carefully.

  1. If you are seriously interested in one of our adoptions please fill out an application.Phone calls concerning a specific adoption cannot be returned unless there is an application on file. Our foster homes are understandably busy caring for their rescues and families, and often are not free to place calls at a reasonable hour.If there is a question that will influence your decision about a particular adoption please contact us at info@tundraspirits.com .
  2. After submission of a completed application; and an adoptive match is agreed upon; arrangements will be made for an interview and home check. Adoptive owners must be prepared to demonstrate their ability and willingness to provide proper food, medical care, exercise and a safe, healthy environment for the adopted husky. A meeting between the adopters and the rescue cannot be arranged until the application/home check is complete. If the dog has not completed a basic obedience course the adoptive owners agree to attend a course approved by Tundra Spirits within 14 days of the adoption.
  3. No Tundra Spirits Siberian Husky rescue will be placed in a new home which doesnot provide an adequately fenced area for exercise and training unless specifically approved in writing by Tundra Spirits. A Siberian Husky must never be allowed to run off-lead unless in a secure/fenced environment. Apartment dwellers and those meeting special criteria for placement without a fenced area must agree to walk the leashed dog regularly. Tundra encourages the adoptive owners to engage in activities that would allow the husky to pull in harness; an activity for which it was bred. Tundra Spirits encourages the new home environment to emphasize the �pack� orientation of Siberian Huskies, by allowing the dog to reside inside the majority of the time. It is a myth that Siberian Huskies prefer to be outdoors in a doghouse year-round away from their �pack�.
  4. Unless specifically exempted in writing by Tundra Spirits, the adoptive owners agree to pay an adoption fee of $150 - $200. This fee will be used to recoup the expenses incurred in fostering and updating vaccinations. Tundra Spirits will provide the adoptive owners with all available health/expense records.
  5. Our procedures may seem involved, but please keep in mind that these dogs often came to rescue after being incorrectly placed, mistreated or were the result of a �cute puppy� emotional impulse purchase/adoption.