2009 Tales & Tails " SNOW DOGS"

The popular Snow Dogs presentation has grown in attendance each year. This year’s Event required two presentations to accommodate the Siberian Husky fans in the Capital District.   Stories were told of hero dogs like Balto and Togo. Aspiring mushers were given the opportunity to learn the workings of a gang line and could try out the rookie Tundra sled.  Modern urban mushing techniques were demonstrated, including Tala and Harmony with a scooter. Throughout it all the Tundra Sibes displayed the patience and love for humans they are known for.  At times Teeka could barely contain herself when junior mushers put on her harness and booties; eventually showing everyone a new method of tugging a gang line.   Tundra alumni showed off their adopted humans. The history of mushing and Sibes in movies display seems to grow each year. And a  great time was had by all.


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