Please Help Find Blue

Blue" has been missing since May 8, 2007. Someone, somewhere HAS to know
something about his whereabouts. He can't have vanished into thin air. I
have done nothing but look for him for weeks and I don't know
where to turn anymore, so I'm begging for your help. There is a large cash
reward for his safe return (NO QUESTIONS ASKED) or for information leading
to his safe recovery. There are really only three possibilities. If you
can help with any of these, please contact me asap (contact information


Blue 1 Blue 2


1. Someone has him. Maybe they haven't seen the TV reports of the hot air
balloon search. Maybe they are not in an area where the thousands of flyers
have been distributed or have seen any of the posters around a 10-15 mile
radius of Brighton Twp. It has been weeks and after all, he could have
gone much further than we think and someone could have taken him in as a
stray. Maybe a long distance driver picked him up so that he wouldn't be
hit by a car on the streets and he's not even in the area anymore.. Please
email this notice to everyone you know, regardless of where they live. He
could be in Montana or NY by now so please send this link to everyone in
your email address book. Tell everyone you know about Blue. Even though
his name is Blue, he does NOT have blue eyes. He is black and white and has
brown eyes. He is microchipped, so anyone , anywhere can have a
veterinarian scan for a microchip and even if he is halfway across the
country, he can be identified. Please send this email to everyone in your
address book, we need to get the word out in a much wider area than we have
originally concentrated on and I really need your help to do so. Send it to
everyone, even non dog people - please....
2. He could be dead. You might have hit him when he ran out on the street
in front of you - that would not be your fault. Or if you're a farmer, he
might have gone after your livestock and you shot him - you would be
perfectly within your rights to do so. Even though I would be heartbroken,
please let me know if either of these things have happened. It is better
than wondering and worrying about him. I need closure. I need to bring his
remains home so he and I can both finally be at peace. If either of these
things have happened, please email me at and let me
know where he is so I can go and get him and bring him home.
3. He is still out there running loose. I wouldn't be at all surprised if
this is the case. He's a very smart dog and could probably figure out how
to survive on his own. There have been so many sightings, and while we know
some of the dogs were not him (we were able to track some down) we don't
know about all of the sightings. There were plenty of sightings last week
in the Hartland area and we know that the found female is not the same dog
in the cell phone pictures and we know that another escaped dog is also not
the same dog based on timing. If you see a Siberian Husky running loose and
you think it could be him, please call me asap at 313-550-6095. Timing is
everything - if you call me a day or two later, he won't be in the same area
and I'll never track him down. If he is still running loose, he's probably
not going to go t o anyone, but will run and hide if you try to catch him,
so the best thing to do is to call me immediately with a location so I can
get out there or get one of the many wonderful volunteers who have been
helping me, out to that location as quickly as possible. Please don't email
with a sighting, call me right away! 313-550-6095
There are so many people who are helping me look for Blue. There has been so much spent in time and gas and $ for flyers and posters and ads and the hot air balloonists and power parachute pilots who donated their time andequipment - if you know anything about where Blue is, please, please let me know so I can thank everyone for helping me and not continue to makerequests for help which will be fruitless. I need to get my boy back home, one way or another, I really need him home.
Thank you for reading this far - the last months have been horribleand I so much appreciate everyone who has helped