Our members volunteer to exercise northern breeds at various local shelters. Often times, northern breeds are not exercised properly while in shelters, because they tend to pull when walked. Volunteers are sometimes overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of those dogs. Because we are familiar with the traits of the breed our experience is welcomed when interacting with these energetic shelter residents. After working with our group and passing the shelter volunteer training, you will be on your way to bringing a husky or malamute one step closer to a forever home! Contact us for details on becoming a huskaerobics instructor.


Tundra Spirits attends many local animal welfare functions throughout the year. We have a display at fairs, movie premieres, and local malls or pet stores. We also sponsor Meet & Greet Days at pet stores where we show off the talents of our rescues, and allow the public to meet the stars of some of our success stories from Tundra Tales. After assisting in setting up the displays under the guidance of an experienced volunteer and learning some basic information about the Siberian breed, you will be ready to act as an ambassador of Sibe Rescue. Please share your public relations skills with us for the benefit of our rescues. (Events Page)


The supreme effort, with often the greatest reward! If you are an experienced Sibe person, then you are ready to take on frontline responsibility. Our rescues benefit greatly from being placed in a loving home environment. It's an opportunity for them to recover from sometimes traumatic experiences or relive a pleasant environment that was taken from them.

Our foster homes constantly pick up more experience and add to the wealth of behavior and training knowledge that is a benefit of fostering. Either way, both canines and humans win. If you think you are ready for the challenge of providing responsible human companionship for a rescued husky, please contact us. Our members will match you with a Sibe that blend in with your lifestyle as closely as possible. Before long you will have the rewarding experience of seeing your temporary roomy go to their forever home!!


Tundra Spirits tries to maintain a friendly liaison with all local shelters. Our representatives keep abreast of the latest arrivals and maintain a working relationship with the shelter staff. We are then able to provide any assistance necessary for any northern breed residents at the shelter until they are adopted or fostered. Our shelter rep keeps watch in the lost & found columns in the local papers, looking for possible matches to shelter residents. Their efforts often are rewarded with a happy expeditious reunion between the lost Sibe and it's human family. We also maintain a relationship with the jurisdictional Animal Control Officers, who are often the escape artist Siberians best friend. They are able to make the human companions of the errant Sibe aware of our existence and willingness to work with responsible Siberian owners. If you have the time, patience and people skills to provide this extremely important duty for our group, please contact us. A Siberian somewhere needs you.

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